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Faculty member

Research keywords

Dr. Jennifer Abbass Dick

Breastfeeding; parenting; co-parenting; fathers.

Dr. JoAnne Arcand

Food and nutrition; public health; clinical nutrition; dietary sodium; food supply; dietary assessment; cardiovascular disease; hypertension; heart failure; chronic disease prevention and management; program evaluation; public health policy; knowledge translation.

Dr. Robert Balogh

Intellectual disability; health services; primary care; preventable hospitalizations; dual diagnosis; health disparities.

Dr. Caroline Barakat-Haddad

Environmental/occupational health; child health; public health; health geography; air pollution and health; health inequities; cohort studies; quantitative research.

Dr. Emma Bartfay

Epidemiology; aging; global health; dementia; population health; health services utilization.

Dr. Wally Bartfay

Public and population health; non-communicable chronic diseases; use of mobile information and communication technologies and health; e-health; men in nursing.

Dr. Toba Bryant

Health policy; social policy; social determinants of health; welfare state analysis; women's health; economic globalization; urban health.

Dr. Carolyn Byrne

On leave.

Dr. Sue Coffey

Innovative nursing curriculum; curriculum evaluation; accessible post-secondary education for non-traditional students; nursing theory development.

Dr. Pierre Côté

Epidemiology; disability; rehabilitation; musculoskeletal pain; whiplash injuries; low back pain; mental health; clinical practice guidelines.

Dr. Shilpa Dogra

Aging; asthma; chronic disease; exercise; fitness; performance; sedentary behaviour.

Dr. Brenda Gamble

Health human resources; accountability; health services research; interprofessional education and collaboration; public/private sectors in health care; health policy analysis; funding and delivery of medical laboratory services.

Dr. Holly Jones-Taggart

Cancer cell response to external stimuli; molecular manipulation techniques; nutritional genomics education; technology-enhanced strategies for delivery of health sciences education.

Dr. Manon Lemonde

Gerontology; quality of life; health human resources; chronic diseases; oncology and end of life; living with diabetes; program evaluation.

Dr. Gail Lindsay

Narrative inquiry; arts-informed; experience; person-centred care; patterns.

Dr. Lori Livingston

Clinical biomechanics; injury prevention; rehabilitation; validity, reliability and accuracy of clinical measurements; sport officiating; sport coaching.

Dr. Meghann Lloyd

Physical activity and motor development in children with and without disabilities; interaction of fundamental motor skills and physical activity; Down Syndrome; Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD); pediatric obesity in children with and without disabilities; early intervention.

Dr. Mika Nonoyama

Chronic disease management; long-term mechanical ventilation; COPD; oxygen therapy and rehabilitation.

Dr. Bernadette Murphy

Sensorimotor integration; neural adaptation and learning; neurophysiology of musculoskeletal treatments; neural markers in chronic pain; neural effects of exercise.

Dr. Efrosini Papaconstantinou

Sleep; sleep patterns; predictors of disturbed sleep; pediatrics; child and adolescent health; randomized controlled trials; evaluation of nursing interventions; non-pharmacological interventions.

Dr. Otto Sanchez

Environmental factors of cancer; knowledge synthesis and translation in environmental health; pathophysiology of cancer.

Dr. Wendy Stanyon

Community-based research; community engagement; mental health; vulnerable populations; training and education tools; Mindsight; simulation.

Dr. Winnie Sun

Mixed-methods research; cohort studies; secondary data analysis; health services and policy research; ethics.

Dr. Ellen Vogel

Nutritional genomics; functional foods; chronic disease prevention; food security; food and nutrition policy; nutrition labelling; telecommuting; teaching and learning technologies.

Dr. Nick Wattie

Sport psychology; athlete development; sport expertise; positive youth development; athlete health; athlete morbidity and mortality; relative age effects; birthplace effects; talent identification; parasport.

Dr. Paul Yielder

Computed tomography; MRI/fMRI; ultrasound; anatomical modelling; musculoskeletal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); neuroanatomy; neuroscience; performance asymmetry; psychopathology.

Dr. Hilde Zitzelsberger

Disabilities and differences; chronic illnesses; community health; gender and health (women and girls); health-care technologies.

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