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Guest lectures and podcasts

In the Faculty of Health Sciences, we strive to bring in leaders in the field to speak to faculty, staff, and students on a number of wide ranging health and health related topics. Working with the Teaching and Learning Centre, these speaking engagements are filmed so that they can be for educational purposes following the event. 


Travis Saunders, Keynote address and audience discussion: Childhood obesity in Canada: a growing concern - August 29 , 2013

Dr. Margareta Nordin, New York University - From Evidence to Practice and Policy: Building a Team Prepared to Transfer Research into Practice - June 18, 2013

Dr. Marc-Emile Plourde - Creating Mobile Apps for Health Science: Living the Mobile Revolution
October 18, 2012

Dr. Alice Aiken - Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research: Building a Pan-Canadian Research Network
August 27, 2012

Jonathan Morris - Catalyzing Change from Within: Harnessing Social Learning to Promote Campus Mental Health
August 27, 2012 

Dr. John Gilbert - Learning Together to Practice Collaboratively: Key Principles for Interprofessional Education
January 23, 2012

Dr. Michael Rachlis - Skating Where the Puck is Going: Post-Secondary Education and Ontario Healthy Policy
September 2, 2011


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