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Toba Bryant

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Health Sciences

Contact information

Science Building - Room 2043
North Oshawa
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON L1G 0C5

905.721.8668 ext. 2697

Research topics

  • health policy
  • social policy
  • health inequalities
  • women's health
  • health equity
  • social determinants of health

Research and expertise

  • Background and interests

    Dr. Toba Bryant earned her Master of Social Work (specializing in health and social policy) and PhD at the University of Toronto. She is the author of An Introduction to Health Policy, and co-editor of Staying Alive: Critical Perspectives on Health, Illness, and Health Care. She has published book chapters and articles on policy change, housing and health, and women’s health.

    Research area of specialty:

    • social determinants of health
    • income
    • housing
    • welfare state analysis
    • health and social policy change
    • women’s health

    Research background and interests:

    • community quality of life
    • critical assessment of living and working conditions of vulnerable populations
    • income-related health inequalities
    • globalization and the health of Canadians
    • income and housing as social determinants of women’s health
    • impact of social class, gender and race on health outcomes

    Dr. Bryant is particularly interested in the health of urban populations.

  • Publications
    For a comprehensive list of publications, visit ResearchGate.
    • Bryant, T. (2015). Housing. In Pike, I., Richmond, S., Rothman, L., and Macpherson, A. (Eds.), Canadian injury prevention resource: An evidence-informed guide to injury prevention in Canada. Toronto: Parachute.
    • Raphael, D. and Bryant,T. (In press). Reflections on the UK’s legacy of health inequalities research and policy from a North American perspective. In C. Bambra, K. Smith and S. Hill (Eds.), Health inequalities: Critical perspectives. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
    • Bryant, T. (In press). Housing as a social determinant of injury. In A. Mapherson and I. Pike (Eds.), Canadian Injury Prevention Resource. 
    • Bryant, T (2013). Policy change and the social determinants of health. In C. Clavier and E. De Leeuw (Eds.), Health promotion and the policy process: Practical and Critical Theories. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • Dinca-Panaitescua, S, Dinca-Panaitescu, M, Raphael, D, Bryant, T, Daiski, I and Pilkington, B (2012). The Dynamics of the relationship between the experience of low income and type 2 diabetes: Longitudinal results. Maturitas, 72(3), 229-235.
  • Research collaborations
    • St. Francis Xavier University
    • University of British Columbia
    • University of Ottawa
    • York University
  • Courses taught
    • Current Issues in Health
    • Health Policy and Process
    • Research Applications I 
    • Research Applications II
    • Social Determinants of Health
  • Grants
    • CIHR Institute of Population and Public Health, Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement Team Grant. Co-Investigator on: Globalization and the health of Canadians: A transdisciplinary research network.
      • 2006 to 2012, $820,000
    • SSHRC Standard Research Grant. Co-investigator on: A study on the incidence and management of diabetes.
      • 2005 to 2009, $123,500
  • Education
    • Master of Social Work, University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario
    • PhD, University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario