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Crisis Centre

Robert Balogh
PhD, MSc, BHSc

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Health Sciences

Contact information

Science Building - Room 2041
North Oshawa
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON L1H 7K4

905.721.8668 ext. 2602
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Research topics

  • Intellectual disability
  • health services, primary care
  • preventable hospitalizations
  • dual diagnosis
  • health disparities

Research and expertise

  • Background and interests

    Dr. Robert Balogh graduated with a Physiotherapy degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in 1993 and has used his health professional background in clinical, research and teaching environments. He received a Master of Science in Epidemiology from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in 2003 and a PhD from the University of Toronto in 2008. He recently completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, both located in Toronto, Ontario.


    Dr. Balogh is currently the lead of a research project entitled The evolving health and social needs of adults with developmental disabilities and complex mental health problems: A needs assessment (funded over two years by the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Policy Research Branch). The overall aim is to answer the question: "What are the priority health and social support and service needs of Ontarians with developmental disabilities with complex mental health problems?" Specifically, Dr. Balogh and his team will:

    • Report on the socio-demographic information and the health and social needs of a group of adult Ontarians served or supported directly or indirectly by health-care facilitators (HCF).
    • Report the prevalence of physical and mental illnesses of this group and develop an understanding of their typical health and social service pathways.
    • Identify the health and social service barriers and facilitators (e.g., wait lists, service availability, service eligibility) encountered by HCFs and HCF service users.

    To meet its objectives, the project will employ a needs-assessment process done using quantitative (e.g. semi-structured survey using a standardized measure) and qualitative approaches (focus groups). These findings will be used to inform and guide decisions about the most urgent service and support needs of Ontarians with complex mental health problems, as well as opportunities to address them.

    Research area of specialty

    • Use of administrative databases to measure primary care outcomes in persons with intellectual disability.

    Research background and interests

    • Primary research interest is studying disparities in health and health services between people with intellectual disability and the general population.
  • Publications
    • Balogh R., Lake J., Lin E., Wilton A., Lunsky Y. Disparities in diabetes prevalence and preventable hospitalizations in persons with intellectual and developmental disability: a population study. Diabetic Medicine. 2014.
    • Lunsky Y., Balogh R., Sullivan W.F., Jaakkimainen R.L. Periodic health examinations for adults with developmental disabilities: Are we doing enough? Canadian Family Physician. 2014; 60(2):109-10.
    • Cobigo V., Ouellette-Kuntz H., Balogh R., Leung F., Lin E., Lunsky Y. Are cervical and breast cancer screening programmes equitable? The case of women with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research. 2013; 57(5):478-88.
    • Lin E., Balogh R., Cobigo V., Ouellette-Kuntz H., Wilton A.S., Lunsky Y. Using administrative health data to identify individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities: a comparison of algorithms. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research. 2013; 57(5):462-77.
    • Lunsky Y., Balogh R.S., Khodaverdian A., Elliott D., Jaskulski C., Morris S. A comparison of medical and psychobehavioral emergency department visits made by adults with intellectual disabilities. Emergency Medicine International. 2012; 2012: 1-6.
    • Lake J.K., Balogh R.S. and Lunsky Y. (2012). Polypharmacy profiles and predictors among adults with autism spectrum disorders. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
    • Lunsky Y., Lin E., Kurdyak P., Balogh R.S., Bennie J., Klein-Geltink J., Wilton D. and Kopp A. (2012). Primary care utilization among adults with dual diagnosis (developmental disability and psychiatric disorder). Canadian Journal of Psychiatry.
    • Balogh R.S., Ouellette-Kuntz H., Brownell M. and Colantonio A. (2011). Factors associated with hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions among persons with an intellectual disability - a publicly insured population perspective. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research.
  • Research collaborators
    • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
    • Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
    • Manitoba Centre for Health Policy
    • Surrey Place Centre
  • Courses taught

    Courses taught (past and present) at the undegraduate level:

    • Research Applications I and II (online)
    • Exploring Mental Health and Developmental Disparities

    Courses taught (past and present) at the graduate level:

    • Research Methods for Rehabilitation Science
  • Grants
    • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Health Systems Research and Consulting Unit. Balogh R. Fellowship Research Award.
      • 2009 to present, $55,000 per year
    • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Planning Grants – Priority Announcements: Community-based Primary Healthcare. Ouellette-Kuntz H., Balogh R.S. (co-investigator), Cobigo V., Hennen B., Lecomte J., Lunsky Y., McColl M.A., Morin D., Norris D.A., Proulx R., Shooshtari S.G., Sullivan W.F. and Temple B.A. Innovations in Community-based PHC for Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities.
      • 2011, $25 000
    • CIHR, Meetings, Plannings and Dissemination - Population and Public Health. Passalent L., Balogh R.S. (co-investigator), McKay C., Rezai M. and Yeung E. Disability Awareness and Research Workshop in Rural Cambodia.
      • 2010, $20,740
    • CIHR: Partnerships for Health System Improvement program. Lunsky Y., Balogh R.S. (co-principal investigator), Isaacs B., Lin E. and Ouellette-Kuntz H. Indicators of Primary Care Provided to Persons with Developmental Disabilities in Ontario.
      • 2010, $350,000
    • International Development and Relief Foundation. Chishtie J., Chishtie F. andBalogh R.S. Rehabilitation Program for the Disabled and Spinal Cord Injured of the 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan - Phase II (International Development Project).
      • 2008, $20,000
    • International Development and Relief Foundation. Chishtie J., Balogh R.S. and Shaw J. Outreach and Community-Based Rehabilitation Program for the Disabled and Spinal Cord Injured of the 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan (International Development Project).
      • 2006 to 2008, $100,000
    • Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Balogh, R. Doctoral Fellowship: Health Care Technology and Place: Strategic Training.
      • 2005 to 2006, $5,000 per year
    • Canadian International Development Agency. Balogh R.S., Edmonds L.J., Jalovcic D. and Peat M. CBR Development in Republika Srpska: Project Extension Proposal (International Development Project).
      • 2005, $250,000
  • Education
    • PhD, University of Toronto, 2008
    • Master of Science, Queen's University, 2003
    • Physiotherapy Degree, McMaster University, 1993
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