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Manon Lemonde
RN , PhD

Associate Professor

Faculty of Health Sciences

Contact information

Science Building - Room 3018
North Oshawa
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON L1G 0C5

905.721.8668 ext. 2706

Research topics

  • Chronic disease management
  • Program evaluation
  • Senior's health
  • oncology
  • quality of life and symptoms management
  • end-of-life
  • health human resources
  • gerontology

Research and expertise

  • Background and interests

    Dr. Lemonde's current research involves oncology-related projects including breast cancer, symptoms management, end-of-life, and health human resources. Projects for potential supervision of Master of Health Science candidates include the following:

    • Symptoms experienced by patients living with cancer.
    • Gerontology: interest in developing a project related to work environment in the geriatric field.
    • Quality of life and symptoms management.
    • Work environment and human health resources-related subjects in specialized areas of practice (oncology, gerontology, etc.).

    She received the ESO 2nd Masterclass in Oncology Nursing in 2008 as well as a Career Reorientation Award from the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation.

  • Publications

    For a comprehensive list of publications, visit PubMed.

    • Robert R. Weaver, Manon Lemonde, Naghmeh Payman, and William M. Goodman. Health capabilities and diabetes self-management: The impact of economic, social, and cultural resources. Social Science & Medicine, Volume 102, February 2014, Pages 58-68, ISSN 0277-9536,
    • Bouchard, L, Chomienne, M-H, Benoit, M, Boudreau, F, Lemonde, M and Dufour, S (2011 – In Press). Les Personnes âgées francophones en situation linguistique minoritaire souffrant de maladies chroniques se perçoivent-elles bien desservies en Ontario? Canadian Family Physician.
    • Anderson, M, Lavoie-Tremblay, M, Atack, L, Forbes, D, Donaldson, S,Lemonde, M, Romilly, L, Sketris, I, Thornley, R and Tomblin, S (2011 - upcoming publication). Chapter 9: Evaluating the first years of the EXTRA/FORCES program.  In: T. Sullivan and J. Denis (eds). Evaluating the first years of the EXTRA/FORCES Program, in Building Better Healthcare Leadership for Canada. McGill-Queen’s Press.
    • Cooper Brathwaite, A and Lemonde, M (2011). Team Preceptorship Model: A Solution for Students’ Clinical Experience. International Scholarly Research Network.
  • Research collaborators
    • Central East Community Care Access Centre
    • Durham Regional Cancer Centre
    • Durham Region Public Health
    • Glendon College
    • Lakeridge Health Oshawa
    • Oshawa Health Centre
    • Queen's University
    • University of Ottawa
  • Courses taught

    Courses taught (past and present) at the undergraduate level:

    • Ethics
    • Health and Healing I
    • Health and Healing II
    • Health and Healing: Synthesis Professional Practice (pre-consolidation)
    • Nursing Professional Practice I
    • Nursing Professional Practice III
    • Nursing Professional Practice IV
    • Nursing Professional Practice V
    • Nursing Professional Practice VI
    • Professional Practice II
    • Professional Practice (Healthy Communities)
    • Professional Practice V (Healthy Communities)
    • Professional Practice VII (pre-consolidation)
    • Professional Practice VIII (consolidation)
    • Research Applications I
    • Research Applications II
    • Research Practicum I
    • Research Practicum II

    Courses taught (past and present) at the graduate level:

    • Special Topics in Health Science
    • Studies in Community Health
  • Graduate student research
    • Master of Health Sciences (MHSc) thesis supervisor for Gayathiri Jeyathevan (2011-in progress)
    • MHSc thesis co-supervisor for Meagan O’Neill (2011-in progress). Working title:  Effective rehabilitation exercise for cancer survivors
    • MHSc thesis supervisor for Carmen Nisbet (2010-in progress). Working title: What is the impact of a new educational innovation on long-term care staff critical-thinking skills and disposition?
    • MHSc thesis supervisor for Matthew Stein (2010-in progress). Working title: Program evaluation of the Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain workshop
    • MHSc thesis supervisor for Rohan Gonsalves (2009 to 2011). Is Yang style Tai Chi a one-size-fits-all fall-prevention exercise program for older adults?
  • Grants

    Arcand, J., Blackburn, D., Code, J., Lemonde, M., Mak, S., Ezekowitz, J., & Friedberg, J. (2017).Improving heart failure outcomes through apps that support self-management and adherence. Submitted to Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) ($150,000).

    Puts, M., Shabbir, A., Hsu, T., Mariano, C., Monette, J., Amir, E., Béland, F., Bergman, S., Elser, C., Emmeneger, U., Jang, R., Koneru, R., Kozlowski, N., Krahn, M., Krzyzanowska, M., Lemonde, M., Mehta, R., Papadakos, J., Prica, A., Szumacher, E., Wan-Chow-Wah, D. (2017). Clinical and cost-effectiveness of a comprehensive geriatric assessment in Canadian elders receiving chemotherapy: the 5C study.Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI), $900, 816. (2017-2021).

    Dahrouge S., Chiocchio F., Presseau J., Prud’homme D., Taljaard M., Gauthier A., Lemonde, M., Kendall C., & Chomienne M.H.(2016). Navigation implementation and support to optimize access to appropriate community services for Francophones living in minority situations. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Ontario SPOR– IMPACT Award, $749,450.

    Conklin, J., Forbes, D., Chambers, L., LeClair, K., Lemonde, M. et al. (2010-2013) Knowledge to Action Processes in SHRTN Collaborative Communities of Practice. Funded by CIHR Operating Grant (100,000$).