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Carolyn Byrne

Associate Professor

Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Carolyn Byrne is the founding dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences. She has a Master of Health Sciences degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and a PhD from the University of Guelph's Department of Family Studies and Applied Nutrition in Ontario.

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Prior joining UOIT, Dr. Byrne was an associate professor at McMaster University. Throughout her nursing career she worked in the mental health sector. Her current research programs include UOIT's Health Education Technology Research Unit (HETRU) and System-Linked Research Unit at McMaster, where she explores better ways to serve disenfranchised individuals through community-based care. Dr. Byrne also is involved with research projects such as community-based research on HIV/AIDS, poverty, homelessness and mental illness. She currently has research grants from Health Force Ontario to research the complexities of interprofessional behaviours through evaluating a competency assessment tool and the AIDS Bureau of Ontario to explore the impact of an HIV/AIDS multidisciplinary team.


  • Selected publications
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