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Required supplies

The following is a list of required items for Lab and Practicum experiences in your respective Nursing program:

Scrubs: To easily identify you as one of our Nursing students, all students are required to wear solid navy blue scrubs when in the lab or clinical environment. 

Shoes: To comply with health and safety regulations, students are required to wear white or mostly white shoes with the heel and toe enclosed (no mesh-type fabric). 

Watch: Students require an analogue (not digital) watch with a second hand to accurately measure vital signs and IV drip rates.

Clinical ID badge: Students will need to wear a clinical ID badge at all times while in placement so they can be easily identified as a student in our Nursing program. Badges can be obtained through Campus ID services.

Stethoscope and blood pressure cuff: While not mandatory, many students like to purchase their own stethoscopes and blood pressure (BP) cuffs to enable them to practise outside of lab hours. Littmann Classic Stethoscopes are widely used in health care due to their quality and longevity. The lab has both stethoscopes and BP cuffs available for use should you choose not to purchase your own.


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