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Frequently asked questions

How do I apply? What is the deadline? How much does it cost?
Information about the application process is available on the Office of Graduate Studies website. 

Is financial aid available?
Information about available financial assistance can be found on the
Office of Graduate Studies website. 

What faculty members will I work with?
We advise you to carefully examine the research profiles of faculty in the MHSc graduate program. This will give you an idea about the research interests of faculty members and whether their interests coincide with yours. This will help you decide what faculty member you might want to work with. We will do our best to match the interests of students and faculty members. 

Can I enrol in the program part-time?
Initially a small number of students will be permitted to enrol on a part-time basis. This number will grow as the graduate program grows. 

What can I do with a MHSc in Community Health?
Community health focuses on the health and well-being of communities more than of individual persons. Our program's focus on community health research will put you in an excellent position to collaborate with community agencies, health departments and other organizations to carry out research and analyze data pertinent to the understanding and promotion of health and well-being of various targeted communities. Of course, you will be well prepared to pursue a PhD in community health related areas.

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